Instant credit in 24 hours

Many people who book a ticket all over the world and receive real-time confirmation ask themselves: Is there an instant loan in 24 hours or do I have to wait several days or even weeks for payment? In the past, this was actually the case: the borrower had a relatively time-consuming conversation with the customer advisor and then filled out the loan application.

This is not only checked in the local bank branch, but also goes via the bank’s regional branch to the head office and then back again. This could often take well over a week before a decision was made. In the meantime, however, the work processes of the bank and the financing partners have been modernized, so that an instant loan in 24 hours is very realistic. The borrower should, however, prepare for the loan application so that the quick decision-making process would not stall because of questions or missing requirements. Therefore, differentiate between good preparation and the fast loan processing process.

With good preparation for a cheap loan

With good preparation for a cheap loan

Every credit agreement also has a lot to do with mathematics: the interest is calculated on the outstanding balance and then added to the repayment amount. However, what few people think of – the interest also results from a calculation. Customers who represent a higher repayment risk may have to pay a small surcharge at the usual interest rate. Therefore, prepare yourself thoroughly for lending: If you want to avail yourself of a consumer loan, you should first reduce the use of your overdraft facility.

For example, the banks assume that someone who has been using the overdraft facility to the limit for months has an increased need for capital. So shut down the used part of the overdraft facility at least a few weeks before the desired loan application. Provide the lender with proof of income (e.g. wages / salary slips, pension certificates, etc.). Then the loan application can be processed quickly.

Flying numbers and quick calculations

Flying numbers and quick calculations

The instant loan in 24 hours is something like the sports car among the loans. With the same driving safety or security of the credit calculation, it is available more quickly. This is possible because most loan amounts are largely automated in calculating the credit limit, interest rates and rates. The employee in the branch or in the credits shop enters the application and sends it for the automated creation of the offer. In most cases, the customer gets a green light for the loan payment.

The credit contract then only has to be signed and an ID card shown in the PostIdent procedure at a post office. If you have already had a loan from the same bank or financing partner, the loan will be available even faster. The instant credit in 24 hours has therefore long been a reality in the banking industry.

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